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training At River North Strength

All prospective clients sit down with a coach one on one to go over training history, goals, injuries, etc. Then, we run through a short movement screen to put together the best plan of attack moving forward. Not the right fit for you at the consultation? You owe us nothing and we part as friends! No sweat!

One option to train with us would be our Semi Private training. This offers most of the benefits of one on one personal training (coaching, personalized progressions, no sharing equipment, etc.) at a split cost with another client. The kicker - no need to fill the other slot! Most members at RNS train in this model.

personal training (1 on 1)

Some clients need or prefer one on one attention - and we cater to that as well. In a personal training session, it is you and a coach - no one else. Personalized programming and top notch coaching for 50 minutes is what personal training is all about. You can't hide, so be ready to put in some work!


Not in the St. Louis area? Contact us about our in depth remote coaching program that allows us to work with you from anywhere in the country.

This would include a consultation call with goal setting, full inventory of equipment needs/access, and a full customized training program to suit all the above.


Semi Private Training (2 on 1)

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