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Welcome to the River North Strength blog!

What's going on! My name is Ryan Lukach and I am the owner and founder of River North Strength in Mechanicsville, VA. We specialize in strength & conditioning as well as nutrition coaching for adults and youth athletes. I grew up an athlete, played baseball in college (loved the gym, shocking) and have been in the fitness industry ever since- going on 4 years.

In an age of so much information at your fingertips (both good and bad), my goal here is to provide helpful articles around training, nutrition, and bettering mindset when it comes to them. Who am I to be coming to you with this information? Well, I'm becoming a life long student of people much smarter than myself. I then get to put it to use at River North Strength to learn even more in its application.

Much like you if you're reading this- we're all constantly looking for better ways to train, healthier ways to eat and live, and are continuing to adapt to an age of information where it's hard to find what's right. My aim is to keep these articles short and relevant to a great population of people. It's not going to be a deep dive per say (I'll save that for the authors I read from), but something you can instantly take action on and make yourself 1% better that day. If one person reads it and benefits, it will have done it's job.

Please never hesitate to reach out to suggest topics, ask questions, or give feedback! My email is

Looking forward to making the first post Friday!

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