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Stop Feeling "Guilty"

It's July 5th, the day after one of the biggest holidays of the year - Independence Day. Hopefully you enjoyed your favorite food and drink around some of your favorite people!

It's easy to feel like you need to work off some of that eating from yesterday, or maybe you took it easy and passed on some items you typically crave because you didn't want to go "off your diet". When looking at longevity of quality nutrition habits, you always want to emphasize being consistent, not perfect. Make good choices most of the time and I'll bet you will be in a better spot than before.

It's important to enjoy life - and if that means having a few extra hot dogs (not 71 like Joey Chestnut) on the 4th, go for it. Having balance is going to create long-term compliance with better dietary habits, not chasing short-term fads and cuts. Willpower doesn't work, and it gets harder and harder every time you pass on that dessert you've been craving - you're setting yourself up for failure. Have foods you enjoy in moderation and move on.

Moral of the story - enjoy the night out, holiday, wedding, etc. - and just get back to work the next day. Turning one bad meal into a whole day or two bad days into a whole week is what sets you back, not a 4th of July BBQ or one piece of cake. Think big picture and over time the results will come - and stay!

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