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It Pays To Plan

We all know the times we go grocery shopping hungry and everything looks appealing, even the things we try to stay away from. We walk in starving and don't have a plan. Trust me, that junk food we buy that day is going to be eaten (snacks in the pantry can only be ignored for so long).

The same scenario happens during our lunch break. "I'll figure out lunch later when I'm hungry". If this sounds familiar, it's going to be extremely hard to stay consistent with your nutrition since decisions are being made in the wrong frame of mind. Sometimes all it takes to be consistent (which is what we need, consistency NOT perfection), is to start every day with a plan.

This plan can be sitting down for five minutes and writing a grocery list and sticking to it. This can be planning out the next day's meals (either in your head with what to order, or prepping meals) and taking that tough decision away come lunch time. This can be leveraging a protein shake an hour before dinner if overeating when eating out seems to be an issue. The list goes on. Make the decision ahead of time and be done with it.

Nothing explained above goes into counting calories, macronutrients, etc. - just the "low hanging fruit" that 95% of people aren't leveraging. We all know the grilled chicken and veggies option is better than pizza and soda. What is stopping us from making the right choice? A plan. We make enough tough decisions throughout the day - take one off your plate! (Enjoy the bad puns.)

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